Muslady MIX-400 Professional Audio Mixing Console with 6 Channels


Muslady MIX-400 Professional Audio Mixing Console with 6 Channels $134.79

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The⁤ item is a professional‌ 6-channel⁢ mixing console, complete with an LCD screen display. It’s ideal for operations such as home karaoke, network live broadcasts, and music recording.

The​ mixer is equipped with 4 MIC/LINE(RCA) mono and​ two stereo input jacks. This is supplemented with reverb and⁤ delay effects, AUX and EFF Send for better level adjustment plus a USB ‌MP3 input ⁤interface.

It comes with various control knobs⁤ such as ‌GAIN, HIGH, MIDDLE, LOW, PAN, and LEVEL. These can be easily adjusted separately.‍ Power can be supplied via a DC5V USB power source or a power adapter.

Despite the rugged construction ensuring extended​ lifespan even under⁢ demanding conditions, it maintains⁣ an appealing look with smoothly ‍adjustable knobs. ‌

Other highlights include built-in +48V phantom‍ power ideal for condenser mics,⁢ a USB interface that ⁢allows MP3 player connection, and compatibility ⁢with smartphones via BT.

On to‌ the specifications, its ‌color is white with a metal material constitution. Its dimensions stand at 23 21‌ 7cm / 9.06 8.27 2.76in with a package size of 29 27 11cm / 11.42 10.63 4.33in. The total package weight ⁢is ​1753g / 61.84oz.

The package includes​ the mixing console itself, a power adapter, and a user manual for easy operation.