Necklace for Ashes Cylinder Pendant


Keeps some portion of ashes of your deceased loved one and place it in the pendant
Wearing the necklace with ashes makes you feel that you are still close to the person who died
Fashionable necklace
Material: Metal / Metal Type: Stainless Steel (nickel and lead-free)
Pendant Size: 12(w)mm X 50(h) mm
Package Content: 1 Necklace for Ashes Cylinder Pendant

Necklace for Ashes Cylinder Pendant
Necklace for Ashes Cylinder Pendant $22.90

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Necklace for Ashes Cylinder Pendant
Every people’s life will come to an end at the right time. You can’t stop your fate from dying. Yes, it is hard to accept, but sometimes you need to plan the way you want your funeral to be. There are certain things that you need to consider. Burying in the cemetery like the traditional way or cremating your body and turned into ashes are your two options. Sometimes, families decided to do the latter because they want to keep the ashes of their loved ones with them. This Necklace for Ashes Cylinder Pendant is an accessory where you can save some ashes of your loved one on the pendant and wear it as a necklace. Through this, you can still feel that they are with you even if they are already dead.
Elegant Necklace
Pictures of your family are the typical design that you can put on the pendant of your necklace. Who would have thought that you can also place a portion of ashes in the jewelry that you are wearing? The stainless steel cylinder pendant is a keepsake of the ashes of the one you loved. It has an elegant design that other people will not think that this has ash on it. This necklace looks like an ordinary one, but there is an opening in the pendant where you can place the ashes. The pain that you are feeling will be lessened because wearing it feels like they are still with you and close to you wherever you go.
Keeps the Ash Close to You
Cremation the body of the deceased loved one doesn’t mean that you don’t respect the traditional beliefs of most religions. Aside from being practical, you have a choice of keeping some of the ashes with you or spread it in the ocean or on top of the hills. Keeping the ashes makes you feel like the deceased loved one is still there with you. This necklace is a perfect keepsake of ashes not just for you but also for the whole family in remembrance of the one who died.