New 3000W-2000W Bathtub Pool Suspension Float Water Heater With Thermometer


New 3000W-2000W Bathtub Pool Suspension Float Water Heater With Thermometer
New 3000W-2000W Bathtub Pool Suspension Float Water Heater With Thermometer $26.99$27.99

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Specification:- Color:Pink
– Power:2000/2500/3000W (Option)
– Plug:UK Plug, EU Plug (Option)
– Voltage:220-250V 50HZ
– Material:Stainless steel
PP Plastic
– With electronic thermometer, can easily see the water temperature.
– This Immersion Heater is quick and safe.
– Perfect for heating in the bathtub, bucket,  inflatable swimming pool etc.
– Suspended water heater, heat fast, water and electricity separation, more secure.
Instructions:1. First, plastic barrels, bath barrels, bathtubs, swimming pools, fish tanks, barrels, buckets and other containers filled with water. Into the water heater, water level to ensure that the water heater suspended in the water.Water level in more than 25 to 30 cm into the heater. The product will automatically float on the surface, by adjusting the power cord, you can let the heater suspended in the right place.
2. If the container water level is not enough 25 cm, the product can not be suspended in the water, please ensure that the heating pipe must be submerged in the water, the heater can be slightly tilted a little use.If it is inflatable swimming pool or bathtub and other material containers. For safety reasons, you can put a ceramic under the heat pipe to avoid direct contact with the heat pipe.
3. The container is filled with water, put in the heater plug the power head waiting for the heater indicator light, the heat pipe around the distribution of many small bubbles, and began to heat.If the water is large, heated to half of the need to unplug the plug, try the next water temperature.
4. When the water temperature reaches the required temperature, first unplug the plug, wait 20 seconds to take out the heater. You can use water.
Product Maintenance:-After the initial use, the inside of the wall will be similar to the rust spots. Because the stainless steel tube in the process of making heat pipe, from the straight tube bent into a spiral.
-Stainless steel surfaces are subject to friction and damage to the protective film. You can use our prepared sandpaper polished to maintain the surface of the product.
-After use several times, the stainless steel pipe wall will appear white scale, you can use the ball cleaning.
Note:1. When using the product, the metal heating tube must be completely in water!
2. It is forbidden to use water during heating.
3. Please be sure to unplug the plug and then contact with water is the most secure.
4. Product heating, the human body can not contact with water. To unplug the plug and use water again.
5. Stainless steel ball part, must be all inside the water to heat, or will be damaged.
Package included:1 x Suspension heater
1 x Electronic thermometer
2 x Fittings
Details pictures: