No-Bend Sock Assist Device for Easy Sock Wearing


Wear socks without the need to bend down; Use this sock assist sock-wearing tool
It has a foldable handle for easy storage; It is small enough to fit inside your bag too
Ideal for people with spine, back, neck, and back injuries, pregnant, and the elderly
Sock Cradle Size: 240 x 115 x 160 mm / Handle Length: 460 mm / Box Size: 27 x 18 x 11 cm
Material: Plastic

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Sock Assist No Bend Sock-Wearing
No-Bend Sock Assist Device for Easy Sock Wearing $29.90

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Sock Assist No Bend Sock-Wearing Aid

Sock wearing is a basic skill learned from childhood. Yet, for some individuals, this seemingly simple task may prove to be a challenge due to certain conditions. People with injuries to the spine, neck, and leg or those in special stages of life, like the elderly and pregnant, may find it difficult to bend down to put on their socks. The sock assist emerges as a practical tool for these individuals, working similarly to a shoehorn for socks, allowing them to don their socks without the need to bend down.

Usage Instructions

Utilizing the sock assist is straightforward. At the end of the tool, you will find the sock cradle. This is where you will initially place your sock, ready for wearing. Simply put the sock onto the cradle in much the same way you would put it on your toes. Continue until the sock is fitted all the way to the top of the cradle. Then, gently lower it down to your foot. Lift your foot and insert it into the cradle. When your foot is securely encased in the sock, gently slide off the sock assist. Now, you’ve successfully donned your sock without needing to bend down.

Convenient Storage

This sock assist features a foldable handle for easy storage after use. Plus, it is portable enough to take with you wherever you go, fitting conveniently inside your bag.