Non-Coated Stainless Steel Skillet – Durable Cookware


A handy cooking pan that is available in two sizes
Can be used in frying chicken, pork, and vegetables
Durable, uncoated, and rust-free; Can be used on induction and gas cooker
Material: Stainless Steel

24cm: 25×5.5cm
26cm: 27×5.7cm

Package Content/s Per Variant:

Without Lid
With Lid

1 x Stainless Steel Skillet Non-Coated Cookware

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Stainless Steel Skillet Non-Coated Cookware
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Stainless Steel Skillet Non-Coated Cookware

Presenting an excellent addition to your kitchen cookware:‍ the Stainless ⁤Steel Skillet. This robust piece of equipment is not only non-coated but is also compatible with both gas and induction cookers. Equally suitable for flash frying or slow‌ simmers, this skillet’s non-stick⁤ qualities assure your meals will easily slide onto your serving dish without leaving any residue.

Key to the high-functioning design of this stainless steel‍ skillet is its long, robust handle. This feature provides not only safety as it keeps your ​hand away from the high heat of the cooking surface, but it also guarantees effortless movability. With this‍ sturdy handle,​ you can confidently carry your meal from the stovetop to the table.

Furthermore, this versatile skillet is simple to maintain. Just wait for it​ to cool down‍ after using,‍ and a quick wash with liquid soap and water will suffice. ⁢Simply wipe dry and store away; ​no strenuous ​scrubbing is needed.

Cooking Made⁤ Effortless

This frying pan transforms your cooking experience into a convenient ‌and straightforward process. No⁤ matter what cuisine you have in⁣ mind, ​from breakfast to dinner, this skillet is designed‌ to⁢ handle it. Its durability​ ensures that regardless of⁢ daily usage, it will withstand the test of time without losing its effectiveness.

Additionally, because it’s chemical-free, it will not introduce any unwanted elements into your food. By using this pan, you’ll enjoy your meals without any ⁣unpleasant aftertastes.

Dual-Function Cookware

What makes this skillet truly stand out is its dual-functionality, as it ⁣perfectly accommodates both gas and electric stoves. ‍Apart from its versatility, it also advocates for your health. This kitchen tool promotes home-cooked meals that can be ⁢easily prepared at any time of the day. Experience the⁤ multifunctionality of this skillet without compromising on your health or taste.