Non-Contact Water Detector Switch XKC-Y25-NPN, 5-12V Liquid Level Sensor Stick Type


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XKC-Y25-NPN 5-12V  Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor Stick Type Water Detector Switch
Non-Contact Water Detector Switch XKC-Y25-NPN, 5-12V Liquid Level Sensor Stick Type $14.99

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Product Title: Intelligent Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor

Unleash the power of technology with our Intelligent Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor, armed with advanced signal processing and high-speed signal processing chips. This sensor is capable of accurately detecting liquid levels within an airtight container without being affected by the thickness of the container’s walls. What makes this sensor genuinely unique is its ability to install underneath the container at a high and low level, eliminating any need to puncture a non-metallic container. Designed for versatility, it can easily detect the liquid level of various toxic substances, acids, alkalis, and fluids in high pressure airtight containers. Its use isn’t limited to any specific liquid medium or container material.

Our Intelligent Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor is not affected by scale or impurities due to its built feature of direct non-contact with liquid in non-metallic containers. The sensor is designed with an innovative liquid level benchmark adjustment, level memory function, and liquid level display mode. You can connect multiple units in a series due to its unique electronic circuit structure, ensuring stable performance and durability. With high stability, sensitivity, and strong anti-interference ability, the sensor can successfully overcome electromagnet complications, designed specifically against power frequency interference and common mode interference. Powered by most 5 ~ 12V adapters, the sensor has strong compatibility and can work efficiently through various non-metallic material containers like plastic, glass, ceramics, and so on, with an induction distance of 13mm or more. Moreover, it offers accurate and stable testing and can detect a boiling water level. It can detect liquid, powder, and particles alike. Plus, you can adjust its sensitivity as per your needs.

Model: XKC-Y25-NPN
Output: NPN
Input Voltage (InVCC): DC 5~12V
Current: 5mA
Output Voltage (high level): InVCC
Output Voltage (low level): 0V
Output Current: 1~100mA
Response Time: 500mS
Operating Temperature: 0~105°
Induction Thickness (sensitivity): 0~13 mm
Communication: RS485
Humidity: 5%~100%
Material: ABS
Ingress Protection: IP67

Please consider a possible 1-3mm error due to manual measurement before placing your order. Also, please note that the color of the actual product might slightly differ from the pictures due to different monitor settings.

Package includes: 1 X XKC-Y25-NPN Liquid Level Sensor

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