Non-Stick Egg Ring Mold Kitchen Tool for Perfect Breakfast Cooking


This Egg Ring Mold ensures perfectly and consistently round eggs every time
It has a non-stick surface which makes the cooking and cleaning up process easier
The mold has a handle for convenient and it is also foldable to save space
Material: Iron
Size (approx.): 8.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Egg Ring Mold

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Egg Ring Mold Non-Stick Kitchen Tool
Non-Stick Egg Ring Mold Kitchen Tool for Perfect Breakfast Cooking $9.90

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Product Name: Egg Ring Mold Non-Stick Kitchen Tool

Product Description:

The Egg Ring Mold Non-Stick Kitchen Tool is a kitchen essential that allows you to create uniform round eggs with ease. Presentation in cooking is paramount, often serving as the first impression before the actual taste. One way to achieve a pleasing aesthetic in dishes is by ensuring consistency and symmetry, especially when eggs are commonplace as garnish or stand-alone dishes.

Using the egg ring mold ensures both consistency and symmetry of your cooked eggs, enhancing your dishes’ overall presentation. Beyond eggs, this versatile tool is also suitable for creating perfectly shaped pancakes.

Non-Stick Feature:

A common challenge with using egg molds is the tendency for the eggs to stick to the sides, causing the egg to tear upon removal. This egg ring mold addresses this issue with a non-stick surface, enabling easy release of the egg or pancake. Aside from simplifying the cooking process, this feature also makes the cleanup effortless. When it comes to pancakes, the use of the ring mold allows for thicker, fluffier results.

Built-In Handle:

This ring mold is equipped with a handle for comfortable usage and safety. This feature lets you maneuver the mold across the pan without coming in close contact with the heat, thereby protecting your hands from potential burns.

When not in use, the handle can be folded into the mold for compact storage. When in use, the handle can be extended to the side, providing a secure grip for easy and safe molding and removal of your eggs or pancakes.