Ocean Wave 10-Inch Frame Drum, Solid Wood Construction


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Ocean Wave 10-Inch Frame Drum, Solid Wood Construction $21.18

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Our ocean wave drum is a delightful instrument crafted from wood and filled with small metal balls.

To create the fascinating sounds of ocean waves, simply tilt the drum, causing the metal balls inside to roll around.

This item is ideal for helping children explore their musical talents and improving their rhythm comprehension.

With a polished surface and well-constructed cover, this product is comfortable and safe for kids to handle.

Lightweight yet sturdy, the drum boasts a 10-inch diameter and comes in two color options: red or black.


Color: Red / Black (Optional)

Main Material: Wood

Item Weight: 277g / 9.77oz

Item Size (Diameter): 10-inch

Package Weight: 278g / 9.81oz

Package Size: 25.4 * 25.4 * 4cm / 10 * 10 * 1.57in


1. Please be aware, the drum is filled with many metal beads. In the event of breakage, these small beads can pose swallowing hazard to children.

2. The pattern on the drum is selected at random and may differ from the one shown.

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