Orbeez Water Beads for Decorative Use


Beads that expand in water
Use as a child’s toy bullet for specific toy guns or as decoration and soil replacement for potted plants
Submerge 200 beads in 180ml for 2-5 hours to transform
Package content: 1 x pack of 10,000 beads
Bead size: 9mm-11mm (after soaking in water)

Water Beads Orbeez Bullet Decoration
Orbeez Water Beads for Decorative Use $9.00

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Water Beads Orbeez Bullet Decoration
Water beads are versatile novelty items with countless uses. Initially solid, these beads soften and expand upon contact with water. Explore the countless applications of these Water Beads Orbeez Bullet Decoration with your imagination.
Versatile and Safe
Water beads provide enjoyable interaction for both kids and adults. The fascinating transformation from tiny beads into plump balls can offer an interesting learning experience. Once transformed, these beads can be used as gentle ammunition for toy guns. Their softness ensures safe play, provided the guns are not aimed at the face.
These beads are environmentally friendly, being non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Apart from amusement, they can also function as decor, enhancing floral arrangements and centerpiece designs with extra flair.
Simple and Pleasurable to Use
For optimal use, immerse 200 beads into 180ml of water for about 3 to 5 hours. Once expanded, they’re ready to be used in children’s toys or as decorative items. They make excellent substitutions for traditional marbles or stones often used in home decor. Displayed within glass containers, they can liven up any space. Each package contains 10,000 beads, available in six different colors. Once the fun subsides, the beads can be crushed and used as soil for potted plants. To responsibly dispose of them, simply put them in a trash bag. It is important to remember not to dispose of them down drainpipes or garbage disposal units, as they can cause blockages.