Oversize LED Wall Clock with Remote Control: 3D Big Screen Digital Timer with 6 Digits, Stopwatch, Countdown Alarm Clock


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Remote Control Oversize LED Wall Clock 3D Big Screen Digital Timer 6 Digits Stopwatch Countdown Alarm Clock
Oversize LED Wall Clock with Remote Control: 3D Big Screen Digital Timer with 6 Digits, Stopwatch, Countdown Alarm Clock $208.99

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Bring a touch of elegance and functionality to your space⁣ with‍ this avant-garde LED ⁣Digital Wall Clock, ⁣made unique with​ its cutting-edge design and versatile décor⁢ options.

Renowned for its‍ exemplary craftsmanship, ⁣this wall clock sports a beautiful⁤ Piano lacquer finish that gives it an upscale look. The clock ensures utmost accuracy with a minuscule temperature error of⁣ 0.5 degrees and features a phenomenal⁤ light brightness that⁤ can be​ adjusted through 8 different levels, providing perfect illumination that meets your needs.

Moving on to its utilitarian aspects,​ the clock houses 16 distinct alarm groups that can be easily adjusted and toggled off by ​a remote with an impressive receiving ​range of 30 meters.‍ Its whopping countdown timer of 999 days and‍ a stopwatch of 99 hours,‌ 99 minutes,‍ and 59 seconds convey the epitome of‌ precision. Furthermore, its characters are significantly larger than any other ⁣5” digital‍ clock,⁣ ensuring optimal ⁤clarity at all times.

The clock serves as an intuitive display for time,‍ temperature, ‍and calendar while recycling ​its shows to⁣ keep‍ you constantly updated. Despite its vast functionalities, it utilizes low power consumption of 10W and measures an elegant 69.5x16x2.0 cm‍ in dimensions.

Equipped with LED Dot‍ Matrix Technology, this digital ‍clock ensures reliability and superior performance. The clock’s LED⁣ display is gentle ‌and ‌offers clarity up to 20 ⁣meters away. ⁣It contains a⁣ built-in⁢ button cell (CR2032) battery that maintains timekeeping even during power failures. Furthermore, ⁢its high-brightness and large-sized LED ⁣character add to its user-friendly interface.

Switch between a 12-hour or 24-hour time‌ format as per⁢ your preference, and benefit ⁤from its distinct date⁤ and calendar displays. Even‍ better, ⁤the clock ‍entails several alarm functions and comes with an infrared remote control for hassle-free⁣ wireless ‌operation.

Designed for accuracy, the high-precision clock module provides precise timing with minimal errors. The clock​ has a robust acrylic panel housing ⁤and comes⁤ with hanging holes suitable for wall mounting. You can also stick it onto glass, tiles, or other smooth surfaces with ‌the included double-sided adhesive foam or ‍optionally use it as a tabletop clock.

Catering to ⁤all your décor ⁢needs, the clock comes in a high-strength PVC ​glue ⁤body, ​and its sleek design perfectly fits living ‌rooms, bedrooms, venues, conference rooms, schools, workshops, etc.

The package includes one digital wall clock, one remote (battery not included),⁤ and a user manual.