Pasta Drainer Stainless Kitchen Tool


This Pasta Drainer is made of a stainless material that is durable and rustproof
It has handles that are convenient and comfortable to hold as well
Its micro holes allow water to drain off effectively while keeping the pasta intact
Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 28.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Pasta Drainer

100 in stock

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Pasta Drainer Stainless Kitchen Tool
Say goodbye to soggy pasta with this Pasta Drainer Stainless Kitchen Tool! It is a must-have in the kitchen and suitable for all types of pasta! It takes a lot of precision to cook the pasta noodles just right or “al dente”. Many people think that as soon as you turn the stove off, the pasta will stop cooking right away too. But the truth is that the heat from the water will continue to cook it and this is why it is important to drain it right away. The reason why there are some who hesitate to drain pasta as soon as it cooks is because of the heat. But don’t worry because this pasta drainer will make sure that it is convenient for you.
With Handles
What makes this drainer unique is that it has handles on both sides. That way, you can hold it conveniently and comfortably. Also, using the handles, you can hold the drainer while still keeping your hands away from the boiling water. It allows you to balance better too because you can support it from both sides of the tool. Another good thing about this pasta drainer is that it has micro holes. That way, you can drain water effectively without worrying that the pasta noodles might drain along with it. It is small enough to stop the pasta from going through while still allowing water to flow smoothly.
Stainless Steel
One of the most ideal materials for a kitchen tool is stainless steel. This is because it is not only rustproof but also very durable. It doesn’t deform easily and it can withstand the heat from the boiling water as well. For your convenience in cleaning it, you can place it in a dishwasher and no need to worry because it is safe there as well. You can also use the handle to hang it so it can dry faster.

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