Pet Supplies: Inflatable Dog Collar for Comfort and Safety


The Inflatable Dog Collar is suitable for both cats and dogs; It is adjustable in size
It prevents pets from scratching or biting wounds, rashes, and other skin irritations
It soft and comfortable for pets to wear; It doesn’t block peripheral vision

Material: Short Plush, PVC

Size Variants: S, M,  L, XL
Package Contents:

1 x Inflatable Dog Collar

For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart

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Inflatable Dog Collar Pet Supplies
Pet Supplies: Inflatable Dog Collar for Comfort and Safety $25.50

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Inflatable Dog Collar Pet Supplies
This‍ Inflatable Dog Collar‌ provides ‍essential support for your pet during the recovery process post-surgery. ‌Pets, ⁣similar to humans, can experience mishaps or‍ health issues that require ⁢medical intervention. However, unlike humans, they lack self-discipline and ⁢self-control, ⁤making wound care difficult. Unimpeded, they could ⁤potentially aggravate a wound through scratching or biting, and​ possibly ​worsening their condition. Prevent ⁣these undesirable outcomes​ by ensuring your pet ⁢has this inflatable ‌dog​ collar.

Soft‍ and Comfortable⁢ for Pets
Conventional methods for preventing wound aggravation often involve⁢ utilizing a head cone. These ⁣limit your pet’s ability to⁤ interact with the​ affected⁣ area, ​but ⁤can often cause additional stress due to⁣ discomfort and⁢ hindered peripheral vision, possibly​ complicating the recovery process.⁢ This inflatable collar is a preferred alternative, providing an equivalent level of protection whilst ensuring your ‍pet’s comfort. It effectively‍ doubles up as‍ a ‍cushion,‍ allowing your ‌pet​ to sleep, eat, ‌and ‌play without obstruction. ​This product also facilitates social ⁢interactions with⁤ other pets,​ which can aid in preventing feelings of isolation during the recovery period.

Adjustable Collar
One distinctive advantage of‍ this collar is its adjustability. ⁢It features⁣ a velcro strip that allows for modifications ‌to the collar’s ​fit around your pet’s neck, ensuring maximum comfort. This collar is available in four different sizes, so you can pick what best suits your pet’s dimensions. Its inflation ‍feature permits compact storage, ⁤making it an ideal ‍travel companion. A zip fastening ‌is​ also included, allowing for easy⁢ detachment for hassle-free cleaning ‍and maintenance.