Pineapple Eye Remover Stainless Tool


This Pineapple Eye Remover is high-quality and stainless so it is food-safe
It is easy to use and effectively removes pineapple eyes in just seconds
Its tip is sharp so it can pierce through the fruit without ruining the meat
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 13 x 3.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Pineapple Eye Remover

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Pineapple Eye Remover Stainless Tool
Pineapple Eye Remover Stainless Tool $12.50

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Pineapple Eye Remover Stainless Tool
Make sure you and your family only eat pineapples that are fresh and clean with this Pineapple Eye Remover Stainless Tool! It is convenient to use! Pineapple is one of the many fruits that offer a lot of vitamins. Because of this, people love to have them as snacks and even incorporate them in some dishes be it sweet or savory. Some even make juice out of it so it is more enjoyable especially on hot days. While many grocery stores sell pre-sliced pineapple or those in cans, nothing beats a fresh one that you have to open and slice yourself. This is the only way you can make sure that it is prepared with clean hands and that there are no preservatives added to it. However, pineapple is not as smooth as other fruits so there is a challenge when peeling it yourself.
Easy to Use
Don’t worry because this pineapple eye remover is here to help. The main purpose of this kitchen tool is to remove the eyes of a pineapple fruit individually. Once you peel a pineapple, there will be seeds left on it and these seeds are rough to eat so it is best to get rid of them. However, peeling its surface is not enough to remove the seeds because they go deeper into the fruit itself. With the help of a pineapple eye remover tool, you can get rid of the seeds in just seconds. It is similar to a tweezer except that its tip is pointy and has a scooping shape. It is very efficient and time-saving since it only takes seconds to do the job.
Stainless Steel
The good thing is that it is of stainless steel material. Pineapples are known to have high acid levels and so, it may cause regular metals to corrode. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that because this tool is stainless. Still, to preserve the tool’s quality for a longer time, make sure to clean it after each use.