Plastic Aquarium Snail Trap Device – Safe and Efficient


This Aquarium Snail Trap is safe for fishes as it uses a natural way to catch snails
It simply lures in snails using bait for a hassle-free and effective snail-catching
The trap has a suction cup at the bottom for easy installation and removal
Material: Plastic
Size Variants:

S: Bottom Diameter: 6cm / Height: 4cm
L: Bottom Diameter: 8cm / Height: 6cm

Package Contents:

1 x Aquarium Snail Trap

Aquarium Snail Trap Plastic Device
Plastic Aquarium Snail Trap Device - Safe and Efficient $17.71$18.18

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Product Description: Aquarium Snail Trap Plastic Device

Effectively and effortlessly maintain the cleanliness of your fish tank with this Aquarium Snail Trap Plastic Device. Made from plastic, this device provides an effortless solution for tackling the common issue of snail growth in aquariums, particularly those containing aquatic plants. The small size of snails and their propensity to flourish in moist and underwater environments make them difficult to remove manually. However, with this plastic snail trap, you can conveniently eliminate snails without worrying about it rotting or deforming underwater. It’s practical, reusable, and non-toxic to your aquatic environment.

Being Safe And Efficient

Not all methods of snail removal maintain the overall health and safety of your fish tank components. However, with this snail trap, you can rest assured that your pet fishes and plants remain unharmed. It provides a safer alternative to chemical solutions, which can pollute the water, affecting plants and potentially harming other pets. This snail trap operates by containing food or bait to attract the snails inside it for easier collection.

Transparent Design with Multiple Sizes

One of the significant features of this snail trap is its transparent design, which allows clear visibility of the trapped snails. It’s equipped with a suction cup at the bottom affixing it firmly to the fish tank, all the while avoiding any permanent damage or visible marks on your aquarium. The product is available in two sizes to accommodate the different sizes of snails in your tank. Choose the appropriate size that can trap snails without capturing any small fishes. Ensure a clean and healthy environment inside your aquarium effortlessly using this Aquarium Snail Trap Plastic Device.