Plastic Bonsai Plant Box – Durable & Lightweight Pot for Indoor Gardening


This Bonsai Pot is suitable for small plant variants especially indoor plants
It comes with a tray that catches all the excess water and soil that will fall from the pot
Made of durable plastic material that is lightweight and non-breakable
Material: Plastic

Size Variants:

Rectangle: 160 x 120 x 60mm

Square: 120 x 120 x 60mm

Package Contents:

1 x Bonsai Pot (Plant not included)

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Bonsai Pot Plastic Plant Box
Plastic Bonsai Plant Box - Durable & Lightweight Pot for Indoor Gardening $14.69$15.19

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Bonsai Pot Plastic Plant Box

Introduce a touch of nature in⁢ your home with our Bonsai Pot Plastic Plant Box. This‍ robust pot is ideal for various plants, but it excels in hosting smaller flora, particularly bonsai plants. Bonsai ⁤plants bring an elegant and calming vibe⁢ in your home, all while promoting better air circulation. ⁢Our plastic pots are procurable in multiple sizes that cater to ⁤your preferences.

Plastic Material

Unlike conventional clay pots​ that are prone ‌to‌ breakage, our Bonsai Pot Plastic Plant Box ⁢ensures longevity.⁢ Manufactured⁢ from sturdy plastic, our pot is resilient to ​common household⁤ accidents that can lead to⁢ cracks and​ other damages. It​ boasts a sleek surface that stands strong against discoloration that clay pots typically succumb to,⁢ preserving its aesthetic charm over time.

With Tray

For your convenience,⁤ our pot is designed with holes at the bottom for​ excess water to seamlessly drain into the accompanying tray. This thoughtful ​design encourages optimal ​water absorption for your ​plant, essential to ⁣their health and growth. Subsequently, the tray facilitates​ easy water disposal while simultaneously capturing any ‍falling dirt as your plant thrives. Essentially, the tray’s role in debris collection promotes cleanliness ⁣in your home.