Playhouse Tent Kids Playing Castle


This tent playhouse is the perfect playhouse for your kids to play in
This has a breathable material with a roll-up door and window
This is waterproof and foldable as well making it portable
Material: Polyester
Size: 135 x 105 x 80cm or 53 x 41 x 31 in
Package Content:

1 x Playhouse Tent Kids Playing Castle

Playhouse Tent Kids Playing Castle
Playhouse Tent Kids Playing Castle $60.70

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Playhouse Tent Kids Playing Castle
One of the best qualities about kids is their imagination. That is what makes playing so fun for them. When it’s their playtime, kids like to pretend to be their favorite characters and play the part. More so, just like when we were young, we built fortresses from our blankets. Your kids could be the same and wants to playing fortress as well. Having your own space to play is every kid’s dream. So, make that dream come true for your kids by getting them this playhouse tent. They can now have their very own little space where they can play or read books. If you are looking for a great gift to give your little one for Christmas or for their birthday, then this is probably the one that you are looking for. Playtime will become more fun and magical for your kids if they have this tent.
Fun Design
This not just any kind of tent. Consequently, this one is like a mini castle that your kids have been dreaming of. They will definitely feel like a princess or a prince while playing inside this castle tent. To make it even more fun, this one has a roll-up door where your kid can go into. More so, they can also choose to put down and close the door if they wish. Aside from that, this also has mesh windows. This helps in making the inside of the tent cool so your kid can stay comfortable. Not to mention, the entire material of this playhouse is breathable so it does not feel hot inside.
Waterproof and Portable
You can also use this for outdoor playdates since this tent is waterproof as well. Moreover, you can easily keep or bring this since you can fold this, making it portable.