Polyurethane Foam Grouting Steel Machine with Electric Epoxy Injection Piston Air Pump


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Electric Epoxy Injection Piston Air Pump Polyurethane Foam Grouting Steel Machine
Polyurethane Foam Grouting Steel Machine with Electric Epoxy Injection Piston Air Pump $231.99

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Features: This product​ is a champion of environmental protection, ​boasting excellent mechanical ‍properties without causing⁣ noise or ​pollution.

Portability: ⁣Its compact ⁢size and lightweight design ‌make it easy​ to⁤ carry and operate.

Safety: With ⁤reliable technology and a sensible structure, this product ensures safe usage.

Pressure Continuity: It maintains high⁢ pressure, enabling the agent to effectively fill and plug micro-gaps, micro-seams, micropores, ‌and capillaries in‍ the structure.

Versatility: This multi-purpose machine is perfect for plugging grouting, consolidation grouting, and crack ⁤reinforcement grouting.

Applications: It’s ideal for sealing cracks, expansion joints, construction joints,⁤ and structural‍ joints in various​ buildings and underground concrete works. It’s​ also suitable for grouting reservoir dams in waterlogging and hydropower engineering, plugging leaks in water tunnels, controlling seepage, and⁣ reinforcing dam concrete cracks. It can be ‍used for plugging reinforcement in geological drilling and for reinforcing and stabilizing high-rise buildings and railway or high-grade roadbeds. It’s⁤ also useful in coal mining or⁣ other mining projects for ​reinforcing broken areas within the⁢ tunnel.

Specifications: The product comes in a color‌ as shown in the pictures. It’s made of steel and plastic.

Maximum Output Pressure: 1 1000psi
Start Again⁤ Pressure: 7500psi
High Pressure ‌Pipe Safety Range: 14000psi
Switch Valve Safety Range: 18000psi
Voltage: 220V AC 50Hz
Power: 810W
Current: 3.2A ‌
Type: SM-800/SM-918/SM-999

Package Includes:
1‍ x Grouting Steel Machine
1 x Tube⁢
1 x Steel Pipe
1 ⁤x Spring
1 x Steel Ball
3 x Wrench
6 x Accessories

Details Pictures: