Portable 1000W High Pressure Car Washer Spray Guns Water Cleaner Cordless for 18V MAKITA Battery


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1000W High Pressure Cordless Car Washer Portable Washing Spray Guns Water Cleaner For 18V MAKITA Battery
Portable 1000W High Pressure Car Washer Spray Guns Water Cleaner Cordless for 18V MAKITA Battery $70.99

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Discover the power and versatility of our high-pressure car washer. Equipped with a robust all-copper motor, this device offers automatic shutdown and start-stop functionality. Its portable self-priming feature ensures faster and stronger operation, while the built-in stainless steel fine filter effectively removes impurities from the water.

The water guns of this washer allow you to switch the water type as per your needs. You can adjust the water flow from small to large by simply replacing the nozzle. Moreover, you can switch between fan-shaped and direct water line adjustment at your convenience.

This washer is powered by an intelligent induction variable frequency motor. When you spray water, the motor automatically starts, and when you stop spraying, the motor automatically stops. This smart feature enhances the efficiency and lifespan of the motor.

This versatile tool is not just a car washer. You can use it as a garden irrigation tool, for agricultural irrigation, household cleaning, and more. It’s an ideal solution for garden watering, car washing, and other cleaning tasks.

Type: Car Washer
Guns Head Material: Copper
Handle Material: Engineering Materials
Input Voltage: 21V
Outlet Pressure: 130-507PSI
Power: 1000W
Water Flow: 1.5-3.2 L/Min
Motor speed: 20000r/min
Adapt to Makita 18V battery
Scope of Application: Car Washing, Floor Washing, Wall Washing, Glass Washing, Vegetable Washing, Seafood Washing

Package Contents:
1 x High Pressure Car Washer (NO BATTERY)
1 x Water Pipe
1 x Faucet Connector
1 x Connector
1Pcs Metal filter

Please Note:
1. Allow a 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. Please ensure this is acceptable before purchasing.
2. The color may vary slightly due to different display settings.
3. Do not shift the nozzle while it’s in operation.
4. Keep out of reach of children. Never aim at the human body while it’s working.