Portable Camping Shower Solar Heater


The Portable Camping Shower Solar Heater is a refillable water bag that’s ideal for outdoors
It has a solar-powered heater that can heat water up to 45°C (113°F)
It has a low and high current setting that’s easy to control through the shower head
Material: PVC/ Water Capacity: 5 gallons (20 liters)
Package Contents:

1 x Portable Camping Shower Solar Heater
1 x Hanging Strap
1 x Plastic Tube
1 x Hose with Shower Head

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Portable Camping Shower Solar Heater
Take warm and cozy showers outdoors with the Portable Camping Shower Solar Heater! It has a 20-liter volume capacity. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you already know that the experience is challenging. When you’re outdoors, almost everything is a hassle to do. Cooking, sleeping, and especially taking a bath. What most people do is find fresh water sources like streams and rivers but it can be a hassle especially at night. Others don’t take showers altogether which can cause illnesses later on. Fortunately, the portable camping shower is here for you.
Ideal for Outdoors
Basically, this portable shower comes in the form of a bag with a shower head attached to it. To use it, fill the bag with clean water up to 5 gallons. Then, hang the bag in a high area like a tree branch. Cover the area to create something like an outdoor bathroom. The shower works by gravity; no need for gas or electrical power sources for you to use it. Also, the shower head itself has an ON/OFF switch that’s convenient and easy to control. This shower bag is ideal for camping, hiking, and even for beach trips.
Solar Heater
The best part about it is that it has a solar-powered heater. Nothing is worse than taking an icy cold bath with the cool wind blowing against you. With this portable camping shower bag, all you have to do is charge it with under the sun. It heats the bath water up to 45°C for a few hours. The bag also has a temperature indicator at the back of the bag which allows easy reading. You can also change the settings of the shower from low to high current at any time. This is thanks to its switchable shower head.

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