Portable DIY Spot Welding Machine with Welder’s Pen for 18650/26650 Batteries


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DIY PCB Circuit Board Spot Welder Portable 12V Battery Storage Spot Welding Machine with Spot Welders Pen for 18650/26650
Portable DIY Spot Welding Machine with Welder's Pen for 18650/26650 Batteries $18.99

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Get ready to marvel at this impeccably designed welding accessory made for a myriad of battery types such as the 18650, 26650, and 32650. This product bestows a bevvy of benefits for its users as it is compact and easy to carry, guarantees consistency and reliability, and the cherry on top – it boasts a sturdy, long-lasting construction.

Powering this device necessitates a 12V battery supply. Expect the welding current to range in the ballpark of 90A ~ 130A, which is ideal for the commonly used 18650, 26650, and 32650 at 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm nickel-plated welding. Having gone through numerous iterations and improvements, this product’s current design now features automatic trigger welding for better convenience and less effort on your part.

When it comes to the power supply requirements: Your system voltage should stand at 12V-14.6V, ensuring that capacity X rate exceeds 150A. A necessary caveat is that your power source needs to have an instant output of 150A or more (perfect examples include a car starter power supply, a 3S RC high-power battery pack, or a well-performing 20A lead-acid battery).

However, it is crucial to mention that using a simple 3 series 18650 series for power supply is a common misconception. Conventional 18650s only have a 3-5C discharge rate and can offer a load capacity of just about 2.5A*3=7.5A – insufficient for the required 150A. Only if you have 20 Parallel connections, 3 series and 60 sections of 18650 could work, but this setup is rather impracticable.

As for our recommendation on suitable batteries: consider a 20-45ah Lead-acid battery with good performance and low internal resistance, a 3.5-5.5ah 45C 3S aeromodel lithium battery pack or a 30-35ah capacity 18650 battery pack.

Here’s what the package includes: Main Board, Buzzer, 2x 10AWG Input Wires, and 2x Spot Soldering Pens.

Take a look at the detailed pictures below to marvel at this innovation: