Portable High Pressure Electric Sprayer Disinfection Machine for Water and Alcohol, 110V/220V


110V/220V Portable High Pressure Electric Sprayer Disinfection Water Alcohol Spray Machine
Portable High Pressure Electric Sprayer Disinfection Machine for Water and Alcohol, 110V/220V $48.99

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Introducing the Electric Paint Sprayer, a versatile tool designed to make your painting tasks ‍easier and more efficient. This sprayer comes in a compact size⁣ of 29x27cm and is available in four vibrant colors: Red, Blue, Orange,⁢ and Yellow. Crafted from durable plastic, it features a 2.5MM nozzle diameter ‍and an output power of 650W.

The sprayer operates on either EU 220V or ‍US 110V voltage, with the option to choose between EU or US plug types. Despite its powerful​ performance, ‌it weighs ⁤just about 1.35kg, making it easy to handle for extended periods. It⁣ has a maximum viscosity of⁤ 40din/s and a container volume of 800ML.

This sprayer is perfect for a wide‍ range of applications,‌ including interior renovation, ‌exterior wall spraying, metal spraying, furniture painting, car paint, and leather dyeing. It’s designed to finely atomize spray paint, preventing⁤ blockages and allowing for ⁤the use of various types of paint including latex, ⁢oil,​ wood, and varnish.

One of its standout features ‍is ⁣the stepless speed regulation,‌ which allows you to control the⁢ flow⁣ rate and move ⁢the ‌body at an appropriate speed for a​ better spraying effect. This not only saves paint but also enhances efficiency. The ​sprayer also‍ boasts an efficient heat dissipation hole design, ensuring safe⁣ operation⁢ even during long work hours.

You can adjust the sprayer‍ to three different spray shapes – horizontal, dot, and vertical – to meet your specific needs.

Operating the sprayer ‍is simple. Fill the watering can with spray liquid, connect to the 220V AC power supply, and ⁤press the button switch. The sprayer will activate and start spraying ⁣after a few seconds. If it doesn’t work ‌normally, you can adjust the knob at ​the back.

Please note that⁤ this is a ⁢high-pressure sprayer and should not be pointed at people. Always keep it out of reach of children when not in use.

The ‌Electric Paint Sprayer is more than just a painting tool. It can also be used for cleaning tasks, such as removing oil stains, cleaning kitchenware, ⁣door and⁢ window glass, bathroom and toilet, ​and even for watering plants. It’s ‍also a handy tool for car washing.

Before using the sprayer, make sure to adjust the pressure ‌of the trial nozzle. Remember, it’s dangerous to point the sprayer head at people when it’s under pressure!

This ⁢advanced and efficient tool is perfect for high-pressure jetting of liquid to achieve decontamination ​ability. ‍With its advanced technology, reasonable design, high injection pressure, strong decontamination⁢ ability, and stable performance, it’s an ideal tool for various industries including knitting, printing​ and dyeing, clothing, and advertising printing.

The package includes the Electric Paint ⁢Sprayer, a funnel, and a manual for easy operation.