Portable M-VAVE RGB Backlit MIDI Keyboard Strike Pad Controller – SMC-PAD


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Portable M-VAVE RGB Backlit MIDI Keyboard Strike Pad Controller - SMC-PAD $42.99

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The MIDI Pad ⁣Controller is ‍a‌ high-performance MIDI Controller, designed with advanced technology for smooth control in‌ music production. It includes MIDI ⁤keyboard ⁢functions, enabling ⁢you to​ effortlessly compose beats ​and melodies.

Our MIDI Controller comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature for wireless⁣ connectivity. This ensures minimum ‌latency and stable transmission, providing an‌ uninterrupted, smooth music-making ‍experience.

Boasting ⁣of versatile compatibility, this ​MIDI‌ controller is easy to integrate with⁣ popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) and supports a ⁤variety⁣ of computer systems. It ⁤offers a⁢ user-friendly interface for convenient operation.

It enhances⁤ the tactile experience with backlit⁢ silicone ⁣buttons that ⁢provide silent pressing‌ and responsive ⁣feedback. It comes with two sets of⁢ eight 360-degree‌ rotary encoders, allowing for precise⁣ adjustment of every detail in your sound.

It includes ⁣16 RGB backlit beat ‌pads with⁣ a‌ velocity-sensitive function that ⁤provides tactile feedback. The MIDI‍ output ‍interface allows an easy connection to external devices, thus expanding your creativity further. It also includes a⁣ built-in Note‌ Repeat function that⁤ adds layers to your performances.


USB Interface: Type-C power port

Material: Plastic

Battery: 2000mah power supply

MIDI Output‍ Interface: 3.5mm

Assignable Control Buttons: 10

Distributable Knobs:‌ 8

Strike Pad: 16 pieces

Color: White

Product Size: 22.5 * 14.5 * 2cm/8.8 * ⁢5.7 * 0.8 inches

Item Weight:⁣ 528g/18.6 oz


Due to differences in displays and lighting, the actual color may differ slightly from image color.

Packing List

1 x ⁣MIDI ‌Controller Pad

1 x Instructions

1 x ‌USB-C Charging​ Cable