Portable Manual Wire Stripper with Electric Drill Support – Household Cable Peeling Tool with Hand Crank


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Portable Manual Wire Stripper with Electric Drill Support - Household Cable Peeling Tool with Hand Crank $37.39

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This machine features a sharpened blade and full metal bearing wire feed wheel, enhancing its efficiency in wire stripping. Designed with a human engineering hand crank for labor-saving and comfortable operation, the hand crank can also be replaced to convert the machine into an electric one for increased wire stripping capacity. This machine can quickly strip both home wire and engineering cable, and is suitable for cable wires, optical cables, multicore cables, twisted wires, aluminum wires, soft wires, hard wires, copper wires, sheathed wires, and other wires of compatible size.


Lightweight Stripping Machine: The machine is built with high strength metal for increased hardness and durability.

High Stripping Efficiency: The full-metal bearing wire feeding wheel provides smoothness and stability to the process. The stripping range can easily be adjusted using the knob design.

Sharpened Blade: The machine’s high-efficiency carbide blade is sharp and wear-resistant, featuring a dual bearings design that improves the efficiency of wire stripping. The blade is also easy to replace.

Flexible Self-adaption Spring: The pressure-resistant spring enables easy adjustment of the blade’s cutting depth, with automatic adjustment of size 1-6 square. Additionally, the manual screw adjustment feature provides precise control during the adjustment process.

Anti-slip Wire Feed Mechanism: The gear’s anti-slip design enhances friction for a firm hold and smooth operation, thereby making wire stripping more accurate.

Hand Crank and Electric Drill Drive: In addition to hand crank operation, the machine can also be connected to an electric drill for improved wire stripping capacity.

Easy to Use: The user simply needs to place the wire, adjust the knob to clamp the blade to the wire, and pull the wire through the wire feed wheel. This process removes the outer skin of the wire effortlessly.

Wide Applications: The machine can strip a variety of different types and thickness wires, making it a versatile tool.


Name: Wire Stripper
Material: Metal
Item size: 136 * 63 * 220mm / 5.35 * 2.48 * 8.66in
Item weight: 1520g / 3.35lb
Package size: 235 * 160 * 80mm / 9.25 * 6.30 * 3.15in
Package weight: 1644g / 3.62lb

Packing List

1 * Wire Stripping Machine
1 * Hand Crank
2 * Wrench
3 * L-Wrench
4 * Screw