Portable Mini Spot Welding Machine Kit – Adjustable 4.2V for 18650 Battery


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4.2V Portable Spot Welder Kit Automatic Welding Tools Adjustable Mini Spot Welding Machine 0.12 Nickel Strip 18650 Battery
Portable Mini Spot Welding Machine Kit - Adjustable 4.2V for 18650 Battery $56.51

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Product Overview: This top-tier welding machine is designed with pinpoint precision. It accurately controls the output current of the MOS tube using the single-chip microcomputer. Capable of producing a sweltering temperature of well over 2000 degrees, this machine guarantees that the nickel sheet is sturdily welded. It comes with added features such as over-current, low-voltage, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. Not to mention, it showcases smart output current. Even if the soldering pen is short-circuited, rest assured that this machine will not be damaged.

How It Works: The product integrates a high-speed protection system within the microcontroller. If the welding current is too large, the ultra-high speed comparator shuts off the output almost immediately (visualized by the red arrow in the figure) to safeguard the welding machine. Under regular conditions, this feature will not be engaged. However, if the protection is activated, it’s as simple to deactivate as lifting the pen.

Product Specifications: Named the “Handheld Desktop Spot Welder”, this machine is molded out of a hard aluminum alloy. Weighing roughly 480g, it dons a smooth black shell with a brass soldering pen. Sized at 110mm x 85mm x 30mm, it is suitable for 0.1mm-0.15mm nickel plating.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic trigger, the ability to detach the soldering pen, TYPE-C charging and short circuit protection.
  2. Durable design, light splash resistance, firm connections, distributing brazing pen with a life expectancy of approximately 50,000 cycles. The machine welds a 0.1mm nickel strip and can complete about 800 welding points on an aluminum electrode.
  3. Supports welding while charging, thus offering limitless battery life. The battery capacity is approximately 5AH.
  4. The machine also incorporates battery protection.
  5. The welding machine has a narrow working voltage platform, ensuring less than 3.2v protection and maximizing safety.
  6. Has a low-power consumption function, allowing for a standby time of up to a year.
  7. Thermal optimization features with 2 ultra-high-rate model airplane batteries, capable of hitting a discharge peak of 630A.
  8. The soldering pen has an exclusive short-circuit protection feature.

Included in the Package:
1 x Main Body of Spot Welder
2 x Brass Soldering Pen
2 x Soft Silicone Wire
1 x Nickel Sheet
1 x White Type-C Charging Cable

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