Portable Mini Spot Welding Machine with 6 Adjustable Gears


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5300mAh Spot Welder Portable 6 Gears Adjustable Mini Spot Welding Machine for 18650 Battery Spot Welding Tool Kit
Portable Mini Spot Welding Machine with 6 Adjustable Gears $38.99

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Description: This portable spot welding machine, designed to neatly fit ‌into your​ pocket, is a great travel companion to carry with you anytime, anywhere. ⁣It offers⁤ versatility with 6 adjustable output power⁤ gears,⁢ allowing⁣ for precision in ‌each weld. It is equipped with a copper pen rod⁤ paired with a 10AWG multi-silicone-wire ‍and ‌a safety sleeve ‌for secure‍ usage. Supported by a‍ high-capacity lithium ⁣battery, this machine can perform⁤ continuous welding of thousands of ‍points on a 0.1-0.15mm nickel sheet post a full ⁣charge.

Name: Spot⁢ Welding Machine
Battery: Comes with 2⁤ 5V, 6500mAh lithium batteries included
Gears: Features 1-6 gears
Welding ‍Thickness: Capable‍ of welding 0.1-0.15mm thickness
Item Size: Measures 140 80⁣ ⁣40mm ⁢/ 5.51 3.15 ‌ 1.57in
Item Weight: Weighs 355g / 12.52ounce
Package Size: Packaged in ‍a 170⁤ 115 ‍ 90mm /⁢ 6.69 4.53 3.54in box
Package Weight: Packaging weighs 423g / 14.92ounce

-A sleek, ​compact, and lightweight design for enhanced ⁣portability and convenience.
-User-friendly with an on/off button for easy ​operation.
-With a durable build and consistent​ performance, it is‍ made for ⁤longevity.
-Low-energy consumption‍ design eliminates‍ battery ‍drain worries during idle​ time.
-Last used gear memory and one-gear increment ‍with short press for added functionality.
-Inbuilt⁣ self-detect feature triggers‍ post ⁣welding pen contact with the nickel ⁢sheet – swift 0.8s response ⁢time.
-Reliable software ensures no chaotic ⁤resets or ⁣counter ⁢resets during welding.
-Incorporates an‌ indicator​ light system for charge and standby alerts.
-Comes​ with an inbuilt charging management control⁣ module, making‌ phone charging possible with a USB cable.
-Continuous ⁣welding capacity of thousands⁤ of points on a 0.1-0.15mm nickel sheet after being fully charged.
-Safety features include a copper⁤ pen rod equipped with a 10AWG⁤ multi-silicone-wire and a sleeve.

Packing List:
1 ⁤ Spot Welding Machine with Spot‌ Welding ‍Pen
Spot Welding Pen Sleeves
1 Nickel Sheet
USB Cable

More ‌Details:

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