Portable MMA Handheld Welding Machine, 220V Inverter ARC Tool


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ZX7-200MINI Welding Machine MMA Handheld 220V Portable 10-200A Inverter ARC Welding Tool
Portable MMA Handheld Welding Machine, 220V Inverter ARC Tool $116.17

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Product Overview:

Introducing the ARC Welding Machine, the embodiment of technology and efficiency in one device.

Product Specifications:
This sleekly designed model, known as the ZX7-200MINI, boasts a range of incredible features. It operates with a rated input voltage of AC220V 50Hz ± 15% and runs on a rated input current of 25A with a power capacity of 5.5KW. The machine offers an adjustable current range from 10-200A with a no-load voltage of 65V. Another sterling feature is its impressive rated load duration of 60% and a power factor of 0.7. The housing of the ZX7-200MINI is built to resist potential damage with its IP21S grade. The device is made using durable steel and ABS material.

With dimensions of 205mm100mm150mm, it has a recommended stick thickness of ≤3.2 mm and a recommended material thickness of 2-6mm. This terrific machine is ideally suited for welding a broad spectrum of materials, including but not limited to stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and cast iron. It is compatible with a variety of stick electrodes including general electrodes, stainless steel electrode, cast iron electrode as well as other basic coated electrodes.

Distinguishing Features:
The ARC Welding Machine is a sight to behold. Aside from its light, handheld design that makes it easy to carry around, it features high-frequency inverter technology that ensures quick arcing and minimal welding splashing. The device deploys an IGBT module designed to guarantee a stable, high power welding operation. The machine also comes with one-knob control, offering variable amperage adjustment from 10 to 200A.

For safety, the ARC Welding Machine has over-heating protection, over-voltage protection, and even over-current protection.

Please note that the package does not include an electrode holder cable and clamp cable.

Package Composition:
Upon purchase, you will receive one ARC Welding Machine along with one Electrode holder, one Earth clamp, one Face mask, one Quick plug, and one wrench.