Portable Record Player Vinyl Turntable


The Portable Record Player Vinyl Turntable is a mini and more convenient version of turntables
It is USB-powered and easy to operate; It makes a great collectible item
It has 2 RPM settings; 33 RPM and 45 RPM
Stylus-Material: Steel/ Output Connectors: RCA,USB
Dimensions (W x H x D): 292 x 122 x 77mm/ Motor: DC
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1 x Portable Record Player Vinyl Turntable (Set)

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Portable Record Player Vinyl Turntable
If you like vintage items, this Portable Record Player Vinyl Turntable is for you! It’s a great gift too! This item is a mini version of turntables. It is much more convenient and portable because of its weight and size. Also, this portable player doesn’t take up much room. You can place it in your bedroom, living room or wherever you want to. Although most people access music online, there’s something so nostalgic about using turntables. If you have old vinyl CDs at home, try playing it through this record player and reminisce the good old times.
Why You Should Buy It
Primarily, this type of turntable has a unique feature. It can convert vinyl audio into a digital music file. It means you can listen to vintage music from an old vinyl album on your PC once it’s converted to MP3/WAV and saved. Today, there are people who use typical record players even though it’s considered out-dated. Some DJ’s and music enthusiasts claim that music sounds better using record players. Music does sound more authentic on them but that could also depend on one’s preference. Whichever the case, this turntable is a great addition to your collection. It is especially to music aficionados. It works by placing the CD on its surface and then lowering the needle to the disc. Don’t worry because it comes with a manual to help you set it up.
What makes this unique is that you have to power it through a USB cable. That way, you won’t have a hard time turning it on when taking it somewhere out of the house. There are also two RPM settings that you can choose between depending on the type of music preference. Record players are becoming more uncommon as time goes. It’s because the music industry is not creating vinyl records anymore. Nowadays, CDs are the norm and even those are not as produced anymore due to piracy.  Modern streaming services are becoming popular and people don’t pay as much as having to buy copies of the song. So, while you have the chance, make sure to grab one for yourself!

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