Portable USB C Adapter – Multi-Function Card Reader


A card reader with a USB C interface. It can read SD/TF cards, Pendrives, and you can plug it into your Android mobile device. It can also connect with Apple devices like iPads and you can plug your optical mouse or keyboard through this material
It offers you an aluminum alloy texture which is wear-resistant and can greatly dissipate heat. This is a convenient tool that can transfer your digital files from one device into another
This device can let you gain easy access over your files and data. You can connect your flash drive by plugging it into the USB port of this adapter. Perfect for travel use
Material: Aluminum Alloy/ Size: 32.5 x 58.5 x 10.5mm
Input Interface: Type C, Micro USB
Output Interface: USB 3.0, SD/TF Card Reader
Package Includes:

1 x USB C Card Reader Portable Adapter (Does not include Micro USB cable wire)
1 x Storage Box

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USB C Card Reader Portable Adapter
Portable USB C Adapter - Multi-Function Card Reader $24.39

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USB C Card Reader Portable Adapter
Presenting a USB C Card Reader that serves as a portable adapter, designed⁣ to work perfectly ⁣with laptops,‌ tablets, mobile‍ phones, and iPads. ‌It is capable of reading contents from U-disk and ⁢TF/SD cards. Simply plug it into your mobile device,‍ and it instantly prepares itself‍ for data reading and transfer. It’s a highly valuable device for those who frequently save data and images. When your phone storage is filled up, this adapter becomes a​ handy tool for immediate ‍use. Plug it into ​the output slot, ​and start transferring files to the inserted SD card on​ the adapter. Alternatively, ‍you could connect a Pendrive to the USB slot for file transfer. This provision‌ allows you the‌ flexibility of choosing between a TF/SD card and a USB ⁢flash drive for ⁤transferring files.
Compatible Tool‌ for ​Modern Gadgets
This adapter is a popular tool, compatible with a wide variety of modern gadgets. Considering how commonly gadgets are used in our generation by kids and adults alike, this ⁤device becomes ​a necessity. We frequently download apps and capture‌ pictures, all of​ which take up storage space. Having a portable adapter like this USB C ‌card reader is⁢ crucial as it enables easy ‌access to the digital files in your gadgets. This versatile device can also be‍ connected to‍ your USB‌ wired mouse and keyboard. The device can also be connected to your laptop using a‍ USB cable. Experience this device’s unique ⁣functionalities, including its innovative design, adaptability, and high-speed data transmission.
Supports Large ‌File Transfer
This adapter can efficiently transfer large-sized videos⁣ and ‍images, with reading speeds reaching up to 480Mbps. However, always⁤ remember to use the SD and TF card slots separately. The adapter is designed ⁢to read one card at a time. This device ​is composed of an aluminum alloy, providing excellent ‍heat dissipation and wear-resistant capabilities. Its ​functional efficiency and⁣ durability make it a useful and dependable card reader.