Portable Versatile Safety Pet Barrier for Isolation


Short Description: Introducing our Versatile Portable Pet Barrier, designed for ultimate convenience and safety for pet owners on the go and at home. Easily installed in your vehicle, this barrier prevents pet distractions while driving, ensuring full concentration on the road for everyone’s safety. It’s also perfect for creating restricted areas within your home, such as doorways, stairwells, and between walls, without the need for any special tools. Made from durable nylon, it measures 115 x 62 cm, making it suitable for most spaces.

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Portable Dog Fence Safety Pet Isolation
Portable Versatile Safety Pet Barrier for Isolation $18.44

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Product Description: ‌The Versatile Portable Pet Barrier is designed especially for pet ‍owners who give priority to safety and ease of use. ‍This unique pet fence serves as an⁤ effective solution for those ⁣times‍ when you need your pet safely contained, whether you’re traveling or⁣ at home,‍ thus enabling you to​ maintain ⁢your focus on other important tasks, such as ⁣driving.

Home Usage: This pet barrier can also be conveniently used in various household ‌locations including doorways, staircases, or any other‍ spots where you wish to limit your pet’s access. It’s ‌adjustable to various situations; you can keep ​your⁣ pets away from ‍certain rooms, or create ‌a secure playground for your kids. Additionally, ‌it is ideal for providing a peaceful ‍recovery space for pets who are unwell or have just given birth.

Design: Crafted ⁣with user convenience in mind, this ‍pet barrier possesses a compact, ⁤foldable design, thus ensuring easy transportation and storage.⁣ Its ⁤lightweight feature makes it a perfect addition to your‌ pet safety equipment ⁢at home or during ‍travel. The installation process is simple, and does not necessitate the use of any specific tools. The package includes extendable poles and adhesive hooks to guarantee a sturdy setup anywhere⁢ it’s needed.

Material and Size: The Versatile ⁣Portable Pet Barrier ‍is⁤ made out of flexible Nylon material. It measures ‌115 cm in length and 62 cm ‍in width.

Package Contents:

  • 1 ​x Versatile Portable Pet‍ Barrier
  • 2 x Extendable Poles
  • 4 x Adhesive Hooks