Portion Plate Diet Control Tool


A portion plate is a tool you use to measure the amount of food item you place in your plate
One circle or portion is equivalent to a cup serving. It also has a half-line mark for half-cup measurements
Each portion is labeled into fruits, vegetables, starch, and protein
Material: Plastic / Net Weight: 100.0g/3.5oz
Size: 20.5 x 20.5 x 5.5cm / 8.1 x 8.1 x 2.2”
Package Content:

1 x Portion Plate

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Portion Plate Diet Control Tool
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Portion Plate Diet Control Tool
It is important to stay fit, not just to boost your confidence, but also so you stay healthy. Having the ideal weight for your age and height means that you are physically fit and healthy. However, the reality is that more people are on the overweight range rather than in the normal range. Overweight people must make changes in their lifestyle. It does not have to be drastic right away. In fact, you can just start by controlling your food intake. Use this portion plate to aid you in keeping an eye on your diet. This portion plate is your measurement tool to know how much of a certain food item you eat in a single meal. It’s a measurement tool that helps you track your diet and of course, so you can discipline yourself too. Always remember that in losing, weight consistency is key!
Labeled Portions
This portion plate has labels on each circle. One circle is equivalent to a cup of the food item. However, if you wish to eat only half a cup of the food item, measure only until the half-line in the portion circle. One portion is for fruits and another one is for vegetables. You need this to boost your immune system and it has the lowest calorie count of all the food items on your plate. So, you can take one cup of each. Moreover, one portion is for the protein that you need for muscle-building. There’s also a portion for the starch like rice, potatoes, and the like. You need starch for energy. However, you can reduce your starch portion by half a cup instead of a cup if you want to lose weight fast.
Balanced Meal
With this portion plate, you will be able to eat a full balanced meal. You have in your plate all your daily food requirements for fruits, vegetables, protein, and starch. So, you look healthy and be healthy at the same time!