Pre-wired R50-2W7, 17.5mm Length Spring Test Probes Receptacle 100Pcs


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R50-2W7 Length 17.5mm 100Pcs Spring Test Probes Receptacle Pre-wired
Pre-wired R50-2W7, 17.5mm Length Spring Test Probes Receptacle 100Pcs $15.99

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Introducing the technical​ details of our product:

Components: Our meticulously designed​ product boasts several high-quality materials. The plunger ⁣is made from Becu, ⁢SK4, and polished with a strikingly⁣ beautiful layer of gold. For the barrel and receptacle parts, both have been crafted from‍ phosphor bronze and ornamented ⁢with gold plating. The spring is composed of sturdy stainless steel wire.

Specifications:⁣ The plunger has ⁣an impressively straight-up diameter of 0.48mm, while we recommend a hole size of‍ 0.9mm when ⁣using our Spring Test Probes.⁢ It has an ‍outer‍ diameter⁢ of exactly 1.20mm.

Performance: Our product promises a commendable current ‌rating of 3 Amperes along ‌with a contact ⁢resistance of‌ 50 milliohms, ensuring optimal performance in its operation.

Load‌ Rate:‍ P50:75g, an⁢ impressive figure ‌which demonstrates our‍ Spring ‌Test Probe’s robustness and ⁤durability.

The Set: Included⁣ in the⁤ set is a group of 100 Spring Test Probes, each ​17.5mm​ in length ‌and marked with the product code R50-2W7.

A visual ​representation of our top-tier product: