Precision Plastic Water Temperature Thermometer Tool


This Water Temperature Thermometer is perfectly waterproof and high-quality
It is easy to use and suitable for swimming pools, fish ponds and more
The thermometer features two units of temperature which are Celsius and Fahrenheit
Size: about 195 x 45mm / Material: PP
Temperature Range: 0℃ to 50℃
Test Time: about 1 to 2 minutes
Package Contents:

1 x Water Temperature Thermometer

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Water Temperature Thermometer Plastic Tool
Precision Plastic Water Temperature Thermometer Tool $17.54

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Product Description:

Water Temperature Thermometer Plastic Tool

A practical and efficient tool to measure the temperature of your pool before taking a dive. The Water Temperature Thermometer Plastic Tool is perfect for outdoor use, making pool temperature management efficient and effortless.

Living in a location with a pool typically makes you realize the significance of water temperature. Since pool temperatures rely on various environmental elements, it might be difficult to accurately determine if the water is too hot or too cold. Bathing in extremely warm or cold water may lead to health issues. While adults may not be significantly impacted, children might be more susceptible, hence the necessity of this device.

Material attributes

You can easily utilize this thermometer by merely immersing it in the pool; it will float since it’s made with a plastic material, providing waterproof characteristics. Moreover, its sturdy exterior can resist pool chemicals, such as chlorine, providing long-lasting functionality. The tool is also versatile; it can be used for fish ponds, letting you maintain an ideal environment for your fishes. Additionally, it comes with a string for securing it in a particular spot.

Temperature scales configurability

An important highlight of this thermometer is that it offers accurate and precise measurements using dual temperature scales. It showcases temperature values in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units for universal suitability. Further, it has a large meter display which makes reading measurements easy and mistake-free.

The lightweight design and portability make it an excellent tool for on-the-go use, ensuring temperature measurements are quick and accurate. Keeping this thermometer clean is just as easy as using it; simply wipe it dry or rinse it under clean water.