Premium Artist Glove for Precision Drawing and Painting – Convenient & Comfortable


The artist glove reduces the friction between your hands and the tablet’s screen
The glove prevents you from accidentally smudging on your art while you work on it
Only the ring finger and pinky and gloved, your thumb, index, and middle finger are free to paint or draw
Material: Cloth
Size Variants:

S-Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 14-14.5cm

M – Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 14.5-16.5cm

L- Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 16.5-18.5cm

Package Content:

1 x Artist Glove

Artist Glove Convenient Drawing and Painting
Premium Artist Glove for Precision Drawing and Painting - Convenient & Comfortable $15.69

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Product Description: Artist ⁤Glove ⁢for Drawing and Painting​

As art advances in time with technology, creating art has also expanded towards utilizing tablets. ​Drawing and painting on a touchscreen device, however, poses new challenges such as precision control and avoiding unwanted⁣ smudges. To help artists surmount these issues, the artist glove comes into play.

Specifically designed for tablet ‌use, this artist glove is a tool​ that could greatly enhance​ the⁢ digital art​ creation process. It is thoughtfully⁣ designed to cover only the ring finger and the pinky, ⁢providing‌ a safeguard against inadvertent smudges during the art creation process.​ This innovative design allows artists to work⁢ comfortably while keeping⁢ the thumb, ⁤index and middle ⁣fingers free ⁤and unencumbered.

The artist glove’s utility extends beyond merely preventing smudges. It appreciably reduces‌ the friction ​between the artist’s hand and⁣ the tablet, ‌enhancing precision while preventing unwanted marks. Hence, this glove⁢ proves a must-have when using touch-sensitive⁣ devices ​such as tablets, drawing tablets, or touch screen boards.

Comfort is another key selling ‍point ⁤of this glove. Designed to fit snugly on the last⁢ two fingers, the artist glove ensures a comfortable, ‍restriction-free experience during extended use. The added wrist garter also prevents slippage, ensuring the glove stays in place while the‌ artist is at work.
A‍ crucial tool for modern‍ digital artists, this glove radically reshapes the ‍digital art creation process into a more ⁣enjoyable and‌ manageable endeavour.