Premium Handheld Pizza Shovel – Essential Kitchen Tool for Homemade Pizzas


This Pizza Shovel makes removing bread and pizza from the oven safe and convenient
It has a wooden handle that is comfortable to hold and doesn’t heat up like metal
It has a flat shovel that picks up food from the oven without ruining its shape
Material: Aluminum, Wood
Size(approx.): 58 x 23cm
Package Contents:

1 x Pizza Shovel


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Pizza Shovel Handheld Kitchen Tool
Premium Handheld Pizza Shovel - Essential Kitchen Tool for Homemade Pizzas $32.95

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Pizza Shovel Handheld Kitchen Tool

Enjoy stress-free baking with this Pizza Shovel Handheld Kitchen Tool. This multipurpose tool is not only ideal for handling pizzas but can also be used for other baked items like bread. With this tool, you can say goodbye to the twin problems of burning your hands on a hot oven or spoiling your culinary creations.

For Optimal Safety

The main function of a pizza shovel is to ensure your safety while handling food in and out of the oven. Not only does it protect your hands from the intense heat of the oven, but it also prevents any accidental burns that can occur while reaching into the oven’s deeper parts. In addition, the flat shovel allows you to safely remove your baked goods without disturbing their shape. It is sturdy enough to support the weight of your pizza or bread.

Quality Wooden Handle

What makes this pizza shovel standout is its wooden handle. Wood, unlike metal, does not conduct heat and hence remains cool to touch even when used with a hot oven. Additionally, unlike plastic which may melt when exposed to heat, wood remains intact ensuring food safety as it doesn’t emit harmful chemicals upon heating.

With its durability and reusability, this pizza shovel is an essential addition to every kitchen.