Premium I-POOK PK65H Wire Tracker and Cable Tester – Adjustable Sensitivity


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Premium I-POOK PK65H Wire Tracker and Cable Tester - Adjustable Sensitivity $24.99

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Product Description

This product is a multi-purpose wire tracker featuring an intelligent circuit and line scanning design. The item boasts a professional and well-crafted exterior along with pragmatic flashlight lighting for practical use. A convenient sensitivity adjustment function allows for precise operations, and the auto power-off feature conserves energy. The product’s quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Product Specifications

The wire tracker offers numerous notable specifications. It supports line scanning and testing with immediate on/off switch for short-circuit detection. The unit can detect line voltage and incorporates a LED display and headset function. The maximum transmission distance is one kilometer or more, while the output signal level is 15Vp-p.

One of its remarkable features is the energy conservation design which supports adjustable sensitivity and low-voltage detection. It is powered with three AA batteries and one 9Volt battery, which are not included in the package.

The packaged item has dimensions of 23.2 17.2 6.8 cm (9.2 6.9 2.3 inches) and weighs 232 grams (8.2 ounces).

Package Contents

Each package contains one i-POOK PK65H multi-purpose wire tracker, one PK23 receiver, one alligator clip line fit, and one English manual.