Premium Nit-Free Head Lice Removal Comb for Effective Lice Treatment


Helps remove even the tiniest lice eggs from your hair using this comb’s spiral micro-grooved teeth
It has a microscopically-rounded tooth ends that protects your hair and scalp against pricking, scratching, and pulling
Reusable and convenient to use, this comb can be sterilized for clean use by the whole family day after day
With 33 pins to help you remove those pesky lice
Materials: Stainless Steel
Package Includes:

1 x Head Lice Comb Nit Free Comb

Head Lice Comb Nit Free Comb
Premium Nit-Free Head Lice Removal Comb for Effective Lice Treatment $14.99

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Head Lice Comb Nit Free Comb

This Head Lice⁢ Comb is an‌ effective tool for removing the source ⁤of scalp itchiness caused ⁤by lice. Constant ⁤scratching ⁣of the‌ scalp can ‍lead to​ embarrassment in ⁢public spaces. Therefore, before the situation escalates, it’s advisable to take corrective action. This nit-free comb is an excellent way to⁤ safely eliminate the annoyance ⁣of ⁤skin‍ irritation due to lice. This product can aid in⁢ the removal of even the​ smallest ​louse eggs from ⁢your ⁢hair.

Combat Pesky Lice From ⁣Your Hair

Equipped with ⁣spiral micro-grooved teeth, the ⁣head lice comb efficiently goes underneath the hair to extract bothersome lice. It’s crucial ⁢to eliminate lice⁢ before they multiply to prevent further⁣ discomfort. In households with ⁤children, this comb is a ‍handy‍ tool to have, especially if kids frequently⁢ play⁤ outdoors. Lice could be ⁤unintentionally acquired from playmates or by using ⁢a comb or‍ a brush previously used by someone infested with lice.

Durable and Appropriate For All ⁤Family Members

Constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant‌ stainless steel material, this head lice comb has 33 pins designed to effectively remove lice. ‌Additionally,​ it ⁤is ‌reusable and suitable for use by the entire family.