Premium Quality Wooden Bread Roller – Durable Rolling Pin for Baking


This Bread Roller is a great kitchen tool to help knead and roll out the dough
It has ergonomic handles which are comfortable to grip and convenient
Made of natural material that is food-safe and heavy so there’s less arm fatigue
Material: Wood
Size Variants:

S: 35 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm
M: 39 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm

Package Contents:

1 x Bread Roller

Bread Roller Wooden Rolling Pin
Premium Quality Wooden Bread Roller - Durable Rolling Pin for Baking $17.73$17.94

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Product Description:

Bread Roller Wooden Rolling Pin

This Bread Roller Wooden Rolling Pin simplifies the dough kneading process, offering comfort and durability. Homemade bread has the allure of customizable tastes, along with assurance about ingredient cleanliness and freshness. However, kneading and rolling the dough is a crucial step for creating bread that retains its soft and fluffy texture, as opposed to becoming heavy and dense. This bread roller effectively assists you in this task, without causing excess strain on your arms.

Key Features:

  1. With Handles:
    The rolling pin features handles on both ends, offering a comfortable and secure grip. These handles are designed to be narrower than the rolling pin body, preventing your hands from getting stuck beneath it. The design offers ample space for your hands, allowing for easy dough maneuverability. The handle’s ergonomic design allows the exertion of maximum force while maintaining a comfortable hand position, increasing efficiency while reducing the time spent preparing the dough.

  2. Wooden Material:
    The Bread Roller Wooden Rolling Pin is crafted from wood, reflecting a traditional and safe choice for cooking materials. The non-toxic properties of wood ensure the safety and cleanliness of your dough. Additionally, wooden rolling pins tend to be heavier than their metal or plastic counterparts. This extra weight from the bread roller proves beneficial by reducing the need for added pressure during kneading. The naturally occurring weight of the wooden rolling pin eases the kneading process, requiring minimum force from your end.

Please refer to the product images displaying the bread roll’s features.