Premium Taco Press – High-Quality, Durable Tortilla Fryer Tongs


Make fresh tacos from tortilla sheets with this taco press
It has an L-frame that you can rest on the pan to protect you from the hot oil
It’s a practical tool for making tacos, and it’s user-friendly too!
Material: Chrome-Plated Steel
Size: 13″ x 2.5″ x 3.5″ / 33 cm x 6cm x 9cm
Package Content:

1 x Taco Press

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Taco Press Tortilla Fryer Tong
Premium Taco Press - High-Quality, Durable Tortilla Fryer Tongs $28.80

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Product Name: Taco Press Tortilla Fryer Tong

Product Description:

For taco enthusiasts, our Taco Press Tortilla Fryer Tong provides a new way to enjoy this classic Mexican dish at home that doesn’t sacrifice on taste or quality.

At its core, this tool allows you to make crispy, delicious taco shells right from your kitchen. Begin by heating oil in a pan – about a cup should suffice, or enough for a taco to float. Once the oil start boiling, simply grab a tortilla sheet with the tong. The tortilla will naturally form the shape of a taco shell on the tongs which you then dip into the boiling oil. Be careful to not leave the tortilla in the oil for too long – just 30 seconds to slightly below a minute should be enough. The golden brown colour is the indicator that the taco shell is crispy and ready. Use a kitchen towel to absorb any excess oil and you’re good to go! Repeat the process as needed.


With this taco press, commercial, premade taco shells are thing of the past. Savour the crispy texture and fresh taste that only homemade taco can offer, leaving behind the stale, boxed aroma of store-bought counterparts. Tacos are a universally favourite dish and the filling varieties are endless. You can enjoy vegetable tacos if you are vegan, or seafood tacos with prawns and soft-shell crabs. If you love meat, then you’ll savour the taste of pulled pork or sirloin beef in your homemade shells.


Thoughtful design aids user-friendliness with this taco press. The L-shaped frame can rest comfortably on the pan’s rim, preventing your hands from coming in contact with hot oil. Its construction material of choice – heat-resistant chrome steel, provides durability. The inclusion of rubber handles ensures easy and safe handling during the cooking process.