Privacy Protection Phone Camera Covers – Pack of 6


Do not be a victim of hackers and protect yourself by keeping your camera “close” through these camera covers
These covers are easy to install and self-adhesive; Easy-slide close and open design
Universally compatible with laptops, phones, tablets, and desktop computers
Material: ABS Plastic / Size: 18 x 11 x 0.7mm / Package Weight: 7g
Package Content:

6 x Camera Covers (3B, 3W)

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Phone Camera Covers Privacy Protection (6 pcs)
Privacy Protection Phone Camera Covers - Pack of 6 $9.99

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Product Description: Phone Camera Covers for Privacy Protection

As internet users, we appreciate the myriad benefits it presents, ​from commerce to communication. Yet, the web can also impose hazardous risks⁣ if we’re not cautious. One ‍increasing threat is unauthorized camera activation, where hackers access devices via the cameras on laptops, phones, or tablets. ​To safeguard against such invasions, we now offer device-specific, slider camera covers that provide an extra ⁢layer of protection.

Easy Installation

These phone camera covers are ​designed for effortless set-up ⁣thanks to their self-adhesive‌ backing. Before installing the ⁢cover, thoroughly clean the​ device⁤ surface to be free from dust, ⁤oil, and dirt.⁣ Ensure the cover does not obstruct ‌the camera ⁤or microphone. Designed as a slider camera cover, it allows for quick access to the camera⁢ when in use and easy coverage afterward. Particularly when connected to the internet, secure‌ your camera to prevent potential online intrusions.

Universal Compatibility

The universally-sized design ⁤of this camera cover is appropriate for most smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Please note: this product serves as ⁣a camera cover only ‍and does not ‌act as a camera or webcam.