Professional Food pH Meter for Soil, Meat, Cheese & Dough – High Accuracy Temp pH Tester (0.00-14.00pH), Soil Acidity Analyzer


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Professional Food pH Meter for Soil, Meat, Cheese & Dough - High Accuracy Temp pH Tester (0.00-14.00pH), Soil Acidity Analyzer $32.99

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This product is designed for the measurement of solid or⁣ semi-solid dielectric electrodes containing water. Inserting the electrode requires an even force to​ avoid damaging the electrode. For testing relatively solid ⁣mediums like fruit or meat, we recommend creating a small hole ⁤before inserting the electrode for an⁢ accurate reading. Please note, the test sample would⁢ be unsuitable for eating after⁤ the measurements have been taken. When⁢ using the product in a​ soil medium, avoid inserting it into overly hard soil as it could lead to electrode damage.


This portable, handheld, penetrating pH ​meter is versatile ⁣and can be used in food processing for a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, jams, pastes,​ bread, gel, and several types‍ of semi-solid ‍food. Its ‍ability to measure solution temperature makes it a great tool with a range of 0℃ to 50℃. The unit provides flexibility by offering a switchable ℃/℉ degree unit to cater⁢ to different needs.

Easy to read in every setting, the digital LCD screen comes with a backlight feature for clear visibility even in low-light environments. The device is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included) and features an energy-saving auto shutdown mechanism.

Alarm Function

If the⁢ pH value⁣ falls below 3.5 or escalates above 12.5, the device triggers ‍a red backlight. The LCD depicts ⁢a “LO” if the surrounding temperature is below 0℃, and “HI” if it is above 50℃.

With its high precision detachable probes that are easy to ‍use and replace, automatic temperature⁣ compensation from 0-50℃, and data‌ holding function for‌ effortless reading,​ this device⁢ guarantees accurate ​results.


Material: ABS

Range: pH: 0.00~14.00pH

Temperature: 0℃~50℃

Resolution: pH: 0.01pH

Temperature: ‍0.1℃

Accuracy: pH:⁣ ±0.02pH

Temperature: ±1℃

Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0℃~50℃

Battery: 2 * ‍AAA 1.5V ​batteries (Not Included)

Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃

Temperature Unit:​ ℃/℉ Switchable

Calibration: 2 points with auto buffer recognition

Automatic ‌Shutdown: 8 min

Item Size: ‌210 * 40 * 25mm⁢ / 8.26 * 1.57 *⁢ 0.98in

Item ⁤Weight: 97g / 3.42oz

Package Weight: 250g / 8.82oz

Package Size: 25.5 *⁣ 7 * ⁣6.5cm /‍ 10.03 * 2.75 * 2.56in

Package List

1 * pH Tester

1 * User Manual (English)