Pull Out Faucet Stainless Steel


Washing dishes and cleaning the sink is faster and more efficient when you use this pull-out faucet
Easily chance water flow through the button on the nozzle
It has a 360-degree rotatable design, a non-tarnish body, and it even has a hot and cold water control handle
Installation Type: Seat Type / Opening Method: Lift Type
Material: Stainless Steel / Pull-out Hose Lenght: 80cm / Seat diameter: 55mm
Nominal Pressure: 1Mpa / Inlet and Outlet Pipe Diameter: G1/2
Package Content:

1 x Pull-Out Faucet

Pull Out Faucet Stainless Steel
Pull Out Faucet Stainless Steel $69.00

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Pull Out Faucet Stainless Steel
This pull-out faucet is a very helpful tool to have in the kitchen. Unlike regular kitchen sink with faucet, this one has a pull-out hose-nozzle that makes your life in the kitchen a lot easier and more convenient. This faucet can serve you better than your regular kitchen faucet. It has a pull-out hose that you can use to wash plates, kitchen utensils, and even the sink. What’s nice about the pull-out nozzle is that you can bring the sprout closer to you. You do not have to adjust to the height of the faucet and wet your clothes while washing the dirty dishes. Moreover, with this pull-out faucet, you can also adjust the water flow according to your needs. You can even rotate the sprout at a 360-degree angle making it a lot easier for you to wash the sink and dishes at any angle.
Product Features
Install this faucet in your kitchen to make your life easier and more convenient. This faucet is suitable both for commercial and home use. In fact, a food service business can benefit a lot from this faucet. Washing dirty dishes is faster and more efficient when you use the pull-out faucet, which is needed by food-service businesses. Moreover, you can also set to have hot and cold water to come out of the faucet. This product also has a telescopic pipe from where you pull the faucet from. Switching from one water flow mode to another is also a lot easier with the button on the nozzle. It’s a must-have for your kitchen!
Washing your dishes with this type of faucet is more efficient than doing it the traditional way. Easily pull-out the nozzle and spray it directly on the dirty plates, cups, and utensils. No more hurting your back standing for long hours while cleaning the sink. All thanks to the pull-out faucet!