PULUZ 10.2-Inch Dimmable LED Ring Light with Desktop Swivel Arm, 3 Modes, USB Connection, Phone Clamp – Ideal for Vlogging & Selfies


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PULUZ 10.2 Inch 26cm Ring Curved Light Desktop Swivel Arm USB 3 Modes Dimmable LED Vlogging Selfie Lights with Telephone Clamp
PULUZ 10.2-Inch Dimmable LED Ring Light with Desktop Swivel Arm, 3 Modes, USB Connection, Phone Clamp - Ideal for Vlogging & Selfies $65.99

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Features:The LED ‍Ring‍ Light is designed to be versatile and portable. It can​ be mounted on the holder for easy transport and detached at any time. The tripod ball head​ rotates 360 degrees, allowing adjustment to any⁣ angle.‌ Note that the holder is not⁢ included.

Constructed with 2x60pcs energy-saving LED ⁣beads, the ring light ensures heat⁢ dissipation⁣ is excellent, ⁤providing a constant current drive with high color rendering. This technology helps to soften the⁣ light source and enhance skin tone in portrait photography.

The ring light offers three color lighting modes with adjustable brightness ⁣settings.​ Easily⁢ modify the color and brightness to achieve optimal lighting⁢ without needing to install additional filters. The ‌three colors of soft natural light will illuminate ‍your beauty⁢ on various occasions.

Efficiency is enhanced provides through USB ports, ‌which can connect⁣ to different devices ‌such as⁤ computer hosts, laptops, ⁤mobile power, ‌and ​USB charger. ‌This convenience allows free enjoyment of the LED ‍ring light at any time.

Designed with a lightweight and portable structure, it’s convenient for ⁢traveling or⁣ outdoor work. The phone clamp is suitable for ⁢cellphones with a ‍width between 6-8.5 cm.

This LED ring light⁢ is highly versatile with wide applications to ‍outdoor‍ photo lighting, ⁢indoor filling light, portraits, fashion, advertisement photography, and video shooting.

The LED ring light features a delay-off mode, activated by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button until the indicator flashes. This mode delays switching off by one ‌minute.

Stand Arm:The stand arm is foldable, with‌ a freely adjusting ‌height, and 180 or 360-degrees adjustability⁣ for convenient use. Built with‍ metal, the stand arm is sturdy and durable. It’s equipped with dual suspension springs on each boom arm to prevent sudden drops of the ring light.

The flexible mount holder can be bent and folded to ‌easily view ⁣your devices from any angle. The base clamp is compatible with​ tables‍ or platforms ‌of varying thicknesses,​ making it a handy lazy mount holder.

• Number of beads: ⁣2x60pcs
• Lamp bead model: 2835
• Lamp brightness: 24-26lm
• Color‍ temperature: 3200-5600K
• Power: 0.39W-8W
• Voltage: ⁢5V
• CRI: >95
• Dimming range: 1%-100%
• Shell material: ABS, Acrylic light cover
• Dimensions: outer diameter 260mm. Inner ​diameter 210mm
• Power supply: USB port power supply
• Cable ⁢length: 2m

Package Included:
• 1 x Ring Light
•⁢ 1 x Arm Stand
• 1 x Phone Clip