Quick Adapter Jet & Bottle Foamer Wash: Foam Lance Snow Pressure Gun


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Foam Lance Snow Pressure Gun & Bottle Foamer Wash Quick Adapter Jet
Quick Adapter Jet & Bottle Foamer Wash: Foam Lance Snow Pressure Gun $33.99

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Product Specifications:
This product is ideal ⁢for cleaning various surfaces such as cars, mechanical equipment, ​floors, walls, and more.

Maximum Pressure: The ‍device can exert ⁣up to 200bar/3000 PSI of pressure.
Operating Temperature: It can function optimally at ⁢a temperature ‍of 60℃​ (140 degrees F).
Material: The product is made of durable Metal & Plastic.
Color: It comes in ‍a sleek Black&White color ‍scheme.
Bubble Pot Dimensions: The ⁤dimensions of the‌ bubble pot​ are 22×8.2cm.
Bubble Pot ⁤Capacity: The bubble pot can hold up to 1L of liquid.

Key Features:
– The product features a 3000 PSI high-pressure⁢ water gun body with a brass fitting.
– It comes with an adjustable foam lance and a⁤ foam cannon with‌ a 1/4 inch quick disconnection fitting.
– The device has an M14 Metric Male thread fitting.
– ⁢It includes an adjustable snow ⁣foam ‌lance for efficient car cleaning.
– The bubble cleaning machine is eco-friendly ‍and ensures thorough cleaning.
– The spray pattern is variable, ranging from‌ a pencil tip to a fan jet.
– The device allows for even‌ application of cleaning agents or disinfectants over a large surface.
– It is easy to use and is perfect for ​cleaning driveways, roofs, siding, cars, ⁣trucks, SUVs.

Package Includes:
1 x⁢ Foam lance
1 x Water gun body (Includes Bubble Pot)