Quiet 30W Fume Extractor with Adjustable 220V Solder Smoke Absorber and Active Carbon Filter


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Quiet 30W Fume Extractor with Adjustable 220V Solder Smoke Absorber and Active Carbon Filter $51.99

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The primary ingredient of soldering flux is rosin, which consists principally of abietic acid; this acid transforms into neoabietic acid at high temperatures. During this transformation, hazardous elements are produced and volatilized into gas form, potentially causing health issues ranging from headaches and dizziness to vomiting and eye conditions.

This soldering absorber is equipped with an activated carbon filter which can efficiently soak up these toxic gases, thereby creating a safer work environment. It’s a must-have tool for protecting your health during a soldering process.


The soldering absorber is constructed of foam and activated carbon, materials well-suited for absorbing solder fumes. The product is composed of anti-static materials, featuring a low-noise, high-efficiency fan for effective smoke absorption and air purification. Furthermore, the product has a unique disassembly design to make the replacement of filters a quick, easy task.

The soldering absorber is designed to remove solder fumes quickly, safely, and efficiently, making it a highly-effective tool for maintaining a clean and safe working environment during electronics soldering. It’s adjustable absorption angle makes it a versatile tool, perfect for any DIY soldering work.


The soldering absorber is made of metal and plastic. It operates at an input voltage of 220V, 60Hz, and has a power rating of 30W. It is capable of moving air at a maximum flow rate of 1000L/min, and has a injection port concentration of 2 (mg/L). The product’s dimensions are 22*27*16.5cm/8.7 * 10.6 * 6.6 in, and it weighs 1056g/37 oz.

The carbon fiber filter is 13*13*1cm/5.1 * 5.1 * 0.4 in, with 0.32oz of activated carbon filter. Each filter can absorb a maximum weight of 0.06 oz of components. The package dimensions are 29.5*23*16cm/3.74*9.05*6.30in, and the total package weight is 1126g/39.72 oz.

Package Contents

The package comes with 1 solder smoke absorber and 1 user manual.