Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Set Kits: Mini Cordless Power Screw Driver Tool


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Mini Cordless Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Power Screw Driver Tool Set Kits
Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Set Kits: Mini Cordless Power Screw Driver Tool $33.99

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Introducing our Mini Cordless Electric Rechargeable Screwdriver 
A must-have Power Screw Driver Tool Set Kits for your toolbox.

Size: 18*2.5cm
Dual Mode Torque: Automatic 1.3N / M. Manual 5N / M

Recommended For:
This tool is perfect for the handyman on the go. Lightweight, compact and designed for one-handed use. It comes with a metal gear system both for forward and reverse motion with dual mode torque and a reliable lithium battery.

Convenience at your fingertips! This screwdriver set includes a USB data cable for charging. Compatible with various brand mobile phone chargers.

Powerful Battery:
Never underestimate its power due to its size. This screwdriver has a highly efficient rechargeable battery providing sufficient power, an impressive power conversion rate and extended use duration.

Versatile and Durable:
This tool meets all your needs whether it’s for maintaining smartphones, watches, laptops, gaming gadgets, drones, headphones, car keys, glasses, alarm clocks, remote controls, toys or even flashlights.

Safety Features:
With your safety in mind, this screwdriver comes with short circuit protection featuring a fuse device for automatic protection against abnormal short circuits. It’s engineered with a rare metal motor that aids in reducing motor rotation noise.

Advanced Technology:
More than just a screwdriver, it has an EMP Motor protection technology, ECP battery protection technology and a real-time current monitor to prevent motor damage. It also offers protection against overcharging and overload.

Package Includes:
1 Screwdriver Unit
1 USB Cable
4 4mm Phillips Head
2 4mm Slotted Head
2 50mm Phillips Head
2 50mm Slotted Head
1 6.5-4mm Adapter

Take a look for yourself: