Rechargeable Sensor Night Light Lamp for Home Safety & Convenience


A motion-sensitive night light that lights up when it senses motion 3-6 meters away
It’s rechargeable through a USB cord; Charging time is about 2 hours
It attaches to an iron disc through a magnet; Iron disc is self-adhesive that you install to the surface of the wall
Diameter:  8.6cm / Thickness 1.8cm / Net Weight: 65g
Battery capacity: 700mAh / Power: 0.6W / Power Source: USB Cord
Package Content:

1 x Sensor Night Lamp
1 x Self-Adhesive Iron Disc

Sensor Night Light Rechargeable Lamp
Rechargeable Sensor Night Light Lamp for Home Safety & Convenience $24.42

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Sensor Night Light Rechargeable Lamp

This sensor night light is a functional and convenient addition to any bedroom setup. As a place of sleep and relaxation, your bedroom is a haven for rest, especially after a long day. A light that automatically turns on and offers just the right amount of illumination can aid in making the space even more comforting.

The sensor night light stands out because of its motion-sensitive feature, which triggers it to light up automatically when it detects movement in its vicinity. This eliminates the need to stumble around in the darkness to find a light switch, making nocturnal trips to the bathroom or other areas much easier.

Installation of this night light is as simple as it gets, thanks to its magnetic structure. It comes with a self-adhesive iron disc that you first attach to your desired spot on the wall. Prior to this, make sure to clean the surface to ensure optimal adhesion. Once the disc is in place, you can then adhere the night light to the disc, aligning the magnetized side with the disc. The light can be easily removed from the disc for USB charging, which takes approximately 2 hours.

Designed with an anti-glare feature, the night light is made to be gentle on the eyes. The light it emits is perfectly suited for night conditions – not too glaring but still offering sufficient illumination for visibility in the dark. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness level of the light according to your preference, providing yet another way to customize your bedtime routine.