Retractable DIY Repair Screwdriver with Dual-use Phillips Functionality


Dual-use Phillips Screwdriver Retractable DIY Repair Screwdriver
Retractable DIY Repair Screwdriver with Dual-use Phillips Functionality $6.99

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What’s in the Box: You’ll receive one Retractable Screwdriver.

Key Specifications: This screwdriver comes in three sizes – Large, Medium, and Small.

Product Details: The Retractable Screwdriver is a versatile tool made from Chromium-vanadium alloy steel. It features a Flat Blade Tip and a Cross Screwdriver, making it suitable for a variety of tasks.

Dimensions: The rod lengths are 12cm/5″, 11cm/4″, and 9cm/3.5″, with diameters of 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm respectively.

Color Scheme: The screwdriver sports a vibrant Green and Black color combination.

Where to Use: This tool is perfect for use at Home, in the Industry, or with Machinery.

Unique Features: The Retractable Screwdriver offers a range of lengths and a two-head tip design to cater to different job requirements. Its non-slip and round grip handle is designed to reduce fatigue and make tasks easier. The adjustable telescopic screwdriver rod adds to its convenience and efficiency. Made from high hardness materials, this screwdriver is precise and long-lasting, reducing the chance of the tip breaking.