Reusable Silicone Cup Lid Cover – Eco-Friendly, Durable and Versatile


This Silicone Cup Cover prevents dust and other contaminants from entering the cup
It has a handle with a cute design that is comfortable to grip and it is washable too
The lid is reusable, has a good heat resistance and is durable as well
Material: Silica Gel / Size: 10 cm
Heat Resistant Range: -40 to 230 °C
Weight: 22g
Package Contents:

1 x Silicone Cup Cover

Silicone Cup Cover Reusable Lid
Reusable Silicone Cup Lid Cover - Eco-Friendly, Durable and Versatile $6.90

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Silicone Cup ⁤Cover Reusable Lid

This Silicone ⁢Cup Cover Reusable Lid is a practical solution to storing⁣ unfinished beverages without​ the risk ‍of‍ contamination. Designed ‍to fit ⁤almost all cup‌ and mug sizes, this lid not only ⁢retains the drink’s ⁢temperature but⁢ also keeps contaminants like dust⁤ and insects from spoiling your ‌drink.

Carrying Handle Feature

Beyond ​its basic functionality⁤ of safeguarding your drink,⁢ the lid is equipped with a convenient ⁤carry ⁣handle, ensuring ⁢an ⁢easy and comfortable grip⁢ when lifting the lid. Furthermore, its pleasing‍ design ‍adds an extra ⁤aesthetic appeal to your⁤ drinkware.

Silicone Material – Reusable ⁤and⁢ Easy to Clean

Constructed from silicone, this lid has a smooth, waterproof ⁤surface which is easy to clean and dries quickly. It’s‍ designed for repeated⁢ use, making it a cost-effective, environmentally friendly choice. The lid is also heat-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from⁢ -40 to 230 degrees Celsius.

Safe and ⁣Hygienic ‍Beverage Storage

With this silicone ‍cup‍ cover, your‌ drink stays fresh and clean – free from dust and external contaminants. It’s a practical and ⁢reliable option for ⁤storing‍ both hot and cold beverages.⁣ Save your untouched ‍drinks for later without worrying about their quality and safety.