Reusable Silicone Heel Liners for Shoes – Comfortable Footwear Inserts


These Heel Liners serve as a cushion to prevent friction between the shoes and the heels
They protect the user’s feet from pain and discomfort and they are reusable too
The liners are easy to put on and are practical since they are washable
Material: Silicone Gel
Size (L x W): 7 x 9.5 cm
Package Contents:

2 X Heel Liners

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Heel Liners Silicone Reusable Liners
Reusable Silicone Heel Liners for Shoes - Comfortable Footwear Inserts $9.82

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Product Description:

Our Heel Liners Silicone Reusable Liners serve as a perfect solution to the discomfort often associated with new shoes. These liners will swiftly become your feet’s best friend by providing a cushioned barrier between your feet and shoes. This added comfort can greatly eliminate friction, reducing the risk of unpleasant callouses and bruises that may occur during the shoe break-in period.

These liners boast a silicone gel construction, striking the perfect balance between softness and firmness to further minimize friction. Easy to use, they can be applied directly onto the insoles of your shoes. Created from waterproof silicone, these liners prevent any sweat absorption, making your shoes less prone to unpleasant odors. Another advantage of silicone is its easy-to-clean characteristic which allows for a faster drying process. Furthermore, these liners can be reused after every wash, promoting convenience and saving you money over time. Each set comprises a pair of heel liners for holistic foot protection.

The transparency of our heel liners is sure to appeal to those conscious of aesthetics. Unlike coloured alternatives that could visibly disrupt your chosen shoe style, these transparent liners will unnoticeably blend in. The unique T shape of these liners ensures effective protection not only for your heels but also for your soles. For safety, the surface of the heel liners is designed with a rough texture to prevent any slipping incidents. Enjoy a seamless and painless transition into your new shoes with our Heel Liners Silicone Reusable Liners.