ROLLFISH Rechargeable Baitcasting Fishing Reel with 6.4:1 Gear Ratio


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ROLLFISH Rechargeable Baitcasting Fishing Reel with 6.4:1 Gear Ratio $68.99

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This baitcasting fishing reel ensures a smooth⁤ performance for an optimal fishing‍ experience.

Features: The ​device includes 8 strong magnets and 9 level braking levels, providing a robust braking force of 18kg or 39.7lb.

An 18+1 bearing system ensures fast and accurate casting and hooking.

It​ has a 6.4:1 ⁣gear ⁣ratio for high-speed performance and efficient fishing time.

The built-in rechargeable battery is easy‌ to recharge, preventing low power situations.

The ​device has a cold⁣ light display screen, ‌making‌ it easy ‌to⁣ fish ⁣during the day or at night.

Users can set the fishing line number ⁢and spool diameter according to their​ needs.

It boasts a⁣ water-resistant design suitable‍ for ⁣light rainy days. (NOTE:‌ Do not ​submerge in water.)

The metal grip knob and arm offer excellent ​comfort.

The large ceramic⁣ line​ outlet⁤ ensures⁤ smooth operation.

This⁤ device can be used for ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake, river, reservoir pond, and stream fishing.

Specifications:⁣ The handle​ direction can be either ⁤left or right.

Material: Constructed from carbon fiber, metal, and aluminum ⁣alloy.

Ball Bearing: 18+1

Gear Ratio: 6.4:1

Line ​capacity: Varies from 2#-380m to 7#-75m.

Max. Drag:⁢ 18 kg / 39.7 lb

Battery: Includes a built-in 3.7v 110mAh 302025 battery.

Weight: Approx. 267 g / 9.4 oz

Package‌ size: 20 * 15 * 15 cm / 7.9 ​* 5.9 * 5.9 ⁤in

Package weight: Approx. 360 g / 12.7 oz

Package Includes: A​ baitcasting reel, a storage ​bag, an instruction manual, and a‍ USB charging cable.